The city of Aachen

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About Aachen



Feel the very heartbeat of the city. Discover legends and things legendary, hear what the City Hall glockenspiel sounds like, or simply read about why international scientists have fallen in love with Aachen.

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  • Portrait of the city

    Discover the great variety of Aachen ...

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  • Aachen history

    Aachen - history: From prehistorian times via the Romans and Charlemagne to the present days ...

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  • Aachen lexicon

    From the 'Alt-Aachener-Kaffeestuben' to the future. Aachen combines the city's historical past with modern times ...

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  • Aachener Printen

    These cake like biscuits are not just called “Printen" but “Aachener Printen" and they are unique in every respect ...

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  • The rice cake

    The rice cake ...

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