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Park and Ride in Aachen

P und R 200x300Park and Ride in Aachen:

Relaxed into the city

Annoying this search for parking space? Not necessary! Make yourself comfortable on one of the 1.600 parking places in the P+R parking area at the outskirts of Aachen.
The new "Park+Ride-ticket" for 5 Euros is valid every day from Tivoli (Krefelder Straße), Westfriedhof (Vaalser Straße), Waldfriedhof (Monschauer Straße) and Jülicher Straße/Berliner Ring. You can take up to 4 persons with you - to and from the city.

Where to get the bus ticket?

At the Tivoli the special P+R-rate includes parking in the car park. You can use the park ticket you get when entering the garage as a bus ticket.
At the other Park-and-Ride areas the special park-and-ride ticket can be bought from the bus drivers.
P+R Tivoli (A4, Abfahrt Zentrum, Krefelder Straße): 1.200 places
P+R Westfriedhof (Vaalser Straße): 179 places
P+R Waldfriedhof (Monschauer Straße): 99 places
P+R Jülicher Straße/Berliner Ring: 150 places

Brochure P + R (pdf)

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