© [Dmitrieva Daria ] / []Aachen not only has an amazing number of historical sights and cultural offerings, but also offers a great choice of shops, which let the heart of every shopping fan beat faster. Several shopping streets, galleries and a shopping centre are the basis for unlimited shopping pleasure. Besides a great number of branches of well-known clothes, shoe and cosmetics shops, also many small boutiques and specialist shops are found in Aachen. Around cathedral, town hall and Elisenbrunnen there are the main shopping streets, which in front of a historic setting provide for shopping pleasure for unlimited budgets as well as for the small purse. Of course in the city centre of Aachen there are also numerous bakeries, in which the probably best-known speciality of Aachen - the Printen - can be bought. At the Elisenbrunnen and in the area around cathedral and town hall there are the bakeries with the biggest selection, as the Aachen Printe is available in different kinds: soft and hard, with icing, almonds or chocolate coating.

Opening hours in the city of Aachen: The shops are open from Mo-Sat from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (the exact opening hours of individual shops may vary).

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